Next generation.
From AGV to IGV
With Agilox, the AVG era is about to end, and a new generation of IGV is about to begin.

Agilox is the first and unique vehicle with an Intelligent Guide, for the goods horizontal repositioning. Agilox is movement. Agilox is innovation. Agilox is automation. Request your consultancy
the symbiotic relationship between a sophisticated software and the mobile robotics that represents the new generation of automatically guided vehicles, IGV – Intelligent Guided Vehicles.
The team of Agilox Services Gmbh Experts, with many years of experience, has connected all the instruments of the current management of the supply chain with the state-of-the-art IT and automation technology and in 2017 has developed a compact IGV that brings a solid cost cut in intralogistics management.

The cutting-edge-technology ensure the maximum flexibility in the enhancement of the intralogistics processes: a revolutionary concept of actuation that offers a 360° rotation.

The system does not require any additional infrastructure and is capable to work 24 h/24, 365/365 days, increasing the facilities productivity, from the small business enterprises to big corporations.

From AGV to IGV. The new generation of Intelligent Guided Vehicles.
Why Choose Agilox
Short commissioning times. Designed for the integration with corporate information systems and industrial automation. It doesn’t require a complex infrastructure.
Control system integrated in the vehicle. Autonomous in decisions. Automatic identification of the best path.
Space and design.
Everything is electric. No oil. Compact and slim to suit all the applications in confined spaces. Pleasant light and sound signals incorporated for security and communication. Designed with a low psychological impact: recalls the human figure in a stylized design.
A 360° coverage. Two Laser Scanners 2D at the instep level. Ultrasound sensors at the end and between the gallows. It can be equipped with a 3D scanner for obstacles identification. Redundant Security system control.
Placement based on profiles and shapes, without fixed references. 2d Laser scanner 360°. Automatic acquisition of the environmental map. Obstacles circumnavigation. Pallet detection and alignment correction. Positioning accuracy of 2mm.
Steering and traction.
Steering and traction on 4 independent and patented moving units. 360° rotation of the cabin itself. Minimum rotation radius 1950 mm. translation in every direction. Maximum speed 1,4m/s.
Automatically feed and unload machinery.
Automatize the goods transfer from warehouse to the assembly lines.
Carry the materials from the warehouse to collection areas.
Automatize the finished products collection.
Prepare and manage the packed goods loading on outgoing transport.
Create, automatize and deal with middle buffers.
Automatize pallet movements.
Supply production lines.