Material handling forklift attachments

A forklift truck for material handling is a commodity now found in every industrial sector.

Every application and every process in which they are involved requires characteristics and performances that can optimize the handling of goods and increase efficiency, ensuring safety and safeguarding the load while it is being transported.

Material handling forklift solutions: our proposals

In addition to FEM forks and pin-type forks of the required size, CLS can provide a wide range of forklift material handling equipment, such as plates with integral sideshift, rotating plates, fork positioners or indicate the most suitable attachment for the specific load handling operation.

In the paper processing field, for example, CLS can provide suitable forklift attachment for material handling from production up to the moment when they return into the recycling process. CLS can provide clamps for handling cellulose bales, designed with all the necessary precautions so as not to damage valuable materials during production, but also clamps for waste paper bales, in order to handle the waste material intended for recycling. Both types of clamps can be either rotating or tilting clamps, so as to place the load in the required position for the process.

The beverage industry also has its specific needs regarding forklift material handling equipment: multiple pallet positioners, often known simply as two-pallet positioners, can speed up the handling of beverages on pallets, thereby optimizing the logistics processes in this field.

When handling loads of considerable size, which are often found in the heavy industry, CLS can provide its Customers with coils boom, or wide-opening positioners for handling sheets, bars, slabs or billets.

The consumer goods field requires speed and precision, but also great care when handling products; CLS can provide clamps allowing domestic appliances to be moved in total safety without damaging the external finish.

Extendable forks are an additional feature in the range of available tools material handling equipment and are especially useful in warehouses for double-depth storage.

Thanks to its product experts, CLS studies and analyses the applications and provides suitable advice, allowing customers to choose the best material handling solution in every context.


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