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Type of warehousing

In the early 1990s the advent of a new production model revolutionized the production chain in the automotive industry. The basic idea of lean production, originated in Japan, was to maintain continuous flows in the production model that can be quickly reorganized in response to market fluctuations.

This industrial management model is defined as Just in Time (often abbreviated to JIT) and specifies that one should only produce what is necessary, in the required quantities, thus reducing potential waste from production and warehousing activities.

The warehouse must be organized so as to quickly satisfy requests coming from the production line. Promptness and flexibility are the characteristics that CLS solutions can provide you with to create real added value  

The Hyster low-level Order Pickers are designed for warehouse handling, where speed and reliability are determining factors.

Automatic, flexible and modular warehouse solution, designed to respond to the needs of versatile markets.

In order to manage the Just In Time model, Automotive companies often adopt the Kanban method, an operational technique that accelerates the circulation of information within the production facility and ensures that operators along the production line always and only receive what they need to complete their assembly work

The Kanban receives all the requests coming from the production line, thus avoiding overlapping and therefore the waste of resources; by adopting this method, a component is approved for production only if there is an actual consumption.

The servicing of production lines allows to enhance automation; repetitive supply operations can be carried out by an AGV which is constantly shuttling between the production line and the Supermarket, thus fully meeting the specified production capacity standards.

Electric Tractor with a man on board, used in production lines for towing trolleys transporting component supplies

AGV “Tractor”, an automatic solution for supplying production lines; thanks to their cutting-edge collision avoidance systems, work premises can be shared by many people and vehicles.


Production line servicing


Production line

In the Automotive sector, logistics plays an essential role.

Production lines need machines that are increasingly interfaced with each other and are able to streamline the logistics process. Flexibility at assembly stations is essential in order to ensure that consumers receive an increasingly appealing level of customization – a novelty that contrasts with the traditional concept of mass production in this sector.

CLS assists Automotive logistics by providing solutions that can respond to the main challenges in the field: versatile machines and technologies that reduce plant complexity and comply with the takt time, namely the average time defined for the production of a single unit; this production parameter is set with a view to meeting the needs of Customers.

CLS provides solutions allowing to meet the needs of operators in the field with automatic machines that ensure versatility and easy programming.

Despite its small size, AGV Mouser is able to move under trolleys and can be equipped with motorized rollers or raisable platforms


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