Forklift batteries and repair and maintenance service

The growing demand for increasingly sophisticated and advanced trucks requires forklift batteries that can provide both high performance and energy efficiency.

The material handling field is progressively moving towards the implementation of new types of forklift batteries which can ensure longer work cycles, shorter recharging time and reduced environmental emissions compared to traditional solutions.


Choose the right forklift battery and reduce maintenance

Although traditional lead acid batteries are suitable for any application, they actually take a very long time to recharge (about 8 hours) and release hydrogen during this stage. Despite relying on a carefully-tested technology, a regular forklift battery maintenance is required in order to ensure a long, useful life and high performance allowing them to operate for a whole work shift.

With the aim of effectively meeting the needs of all industrial fields, CLS provides analyses and advice on the choice of the most suitable battery for every application. The aim is to provide our customers with forklift batteries that can ensure maximum efficiency and high performance over a number of shifts, protect the environment against harmful emissions and also reduce operating costs.

In addition to the advanced technology that relies on lithium-ion energy, CLS provides solutions that can optimise battery management, reduce the forklift battery maintenance and extend their life cycles by using alternative technologies.


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