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The Chemical-Pharmaceutical industry identifies a series of activities aimed at the transformation of raw, organic and inorganic materials into products and goods intended for further processing or for the market.

The chemical and pharmaceutical industry can be divided into three macro-areas: basic and fibre chemistry, fine and specialist chemistry and consumer products. 

Considering the complexity of the industry, the variety of products and the risks associated with manipulation and handling, it is absolutely necessary to choose reliable solutions that are able to meet the needs of this delicate sector.

It is necessary that the quantities of handled goods are proportional to production needs, so as to avoid the accumulation of materials within the production area or the production department where there are not enough raw materials available.
The warehouse must promptly deal with all supply requests coming from the production line. Special attention must be paid to raw materials used to produce pharmaceuticals which must be stored in special light, temperature and humidity conditions.

An automated warehouse, equipped with cutting-edge control software, allows multiple pallets to be handled simultaneously and in an automated manner, based on production requirements.

For compact, traditional vertically-developed warehouses, the Hyster Reach Truck is an excellent solution due to its compact size, making it suitable for working in narrow aisles. Equipped with a laser pointer, it facilitates and speeds up load picking from a height.

In this sector, handling vehicles may need to operate where there are inflammable materials in the form of gas, vapour or mist, or in the presence of combustible dusts. The mix of such substances, in certain concentrations, may create an explosive atmosphere and spread through the inflammable mix, if ignition occurs. 

In order to safeguard health and safety in the workplace when there are risks due to potentially explosive atmospheres, the vehicles that operate in these environments must comply with stringent European directives.
In particular, the pharmaceutical industry needs to adopt a rigorous safety system in order to safeguard the complexity of its work cycles and the number of hazardous substances that are used.

Traditional Hyster vehicles can meet the most stringent safety standards required by the sector, thanks to their explosion-proof transformation ability.

The AGILOX intelligent guiding system allows goods to be handled in an automated manner from the warehouse to the assembly line. Fully automated solution suited to this sector.


Servicing production


Palletisation & Storage

In general, the chemical-pharmaceutical industry relies on a fully-automated material handling system, with a remote control allowing to avoid any microbial contamination.

Thanks to the intelligent solutions proposed by CLS, the operations to be carried out after production can be fully automated with flexible, easy-to-program robotic machines, allowing to palletise and store finished products in a fast and traceable manner: by reading the identification labels, the machines can place the materials in the correct position inside the warehouse, providing added value to the process.

Correct storage also prevents errors by avoiding, for example, dangerous exchanges of pharmaceuticals with similar boxes or names.

Laser-guided systems that allow the end of the line to be automated with a lifting capacity of up to 10 m. Customizable solution according to the Customer’s requirements.

A fully-automated solution for packaging, palletisation and labelling with collaborative robot arms.


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