Circulation on public roads

CLS offers a service providing approval of Hyster forklift trucks and MAFI industrial and port tractors for use on public roads.


CLS supports its customers by following the entire vehicle registration procedure, from submitting the application for the test to the CPA (Italian Vehicle Test Centre) to preparing the vehicle and carrying out the test at the CPA to obtain the special yellow number plate for operating machines.


The Ministerial Decree of 14 January 2014 describes the technical requirements for the circulation of forklift trucks, transporters or tractors which lack a vehicle registration certificate but need to move on public roads for occasional, short stretches with or without loads.


Moreover, CLS can prepare forklift trucks for occasional circulation on public roads and issue the manufacturer’s technical data sheet which needs to be submitted to the UMC (Provincial Vehicle Registration Office).

Targa Gialla


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