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Servicing of Production lines in the food handling industry

The Food & Beverage sector is made up of companies engaged in the production and packaging of foods, beverages and popular consumables, transforming raw materials into finished products.

The progressive changes in consumer needs and the new regulations that aim to improve the quality of life make process management in the food and beverage logistics an increasingly ambitious task, privileging strategies that enhance flexibility and proactivity.

Production optimization is achieved through an all-round analysis of the supply chain; investigating critical aspects and areas for improvement in the process is the added value that CLS consultants can offer its Customers, proposing solutions that can streamline and improve the food and beverage logistic and thus enhance productivity.


The Hyster Platform Pallet Truck can boast high acceleration, allowing operations between the warehouse and the production line to be carried out quickly and smoothly.

The Agilox Intelligent Guided Vehicle (IGV) improves the supply chain quality by tracking pallet handling and monitoring the stock quantities and characteristics.

One of the biggest challenges of the material handling in the food & beverage industry is the wholesomeness of foodstuffs, which is ensured for consumers by the HACCP regulations.

Mandatory controls are put in place to prevent the deterioration and contamination of food due to direct contact with operators during the processing, preparation, transport and serving of foods.

EC Regulation 852/2004 came into force in January 2006 and was enacted in Italy with Legislative Decree 193/2007 which defines the sanctions for non-compliance with its provisions.

Reducing waste and human errors improves product quality. This is the challenge we would like to launch by promoting the use of Cobots (Collaborative Robots) in critical manipulation points for the material handling in the Food & Beverage industry.

These are robots capable of sharing the same space as humans; they do not require particular infrastructure or dedicated areas and they improve the quality of food processing and production, while reducing the risk of contamination, the arch-enemy of this delicate sector.

Collaborative Robots can work 24/7, improving product standardization and reducing waste.


Product manipulation and material handling in the food & beverage industry


Type of warehousing in the food & beverage logistics

In the Food & Beverage handling industry the storage system is a strategic element in any organization.

Managing the physical warehousing space where foodstuffs are stored and the correct allocation of products allows to enhance the overall efficiency of the supply chain. In addition, some beverages and foodstuffs require constant and controlled temperatures, so that they can be stored without deteriorating.

Providing solutions for the production, handling and distribution of products without altering their quality is the added value that CLS offers its Customers in the Food Industry.

Hyster Electric Trucks fitted with multiple pallet positioners can handle multiple pallets at the same time, while always ensuring maximum productivity.

The Hyster Reach truck with a special cabin can operate in refrigerated or controlled-temperature spaces, allowing the operator to work for prolonged periods in total safety and comfort even inside a cold store.


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