Inland port cargo handling equipment

Inland port material handling equipment


Optimizes processes by improving efficiency and reducing operating costs.


Safety is an absolute must.


For transit in public areas.


Reduce the time taken to weigh the load increasing accuracy.


Intermodal goods transportation

Intermodal goods transportation is gaining increasing popularity; goods, in fact, are transported through different countries along roads, railways and waterways. Globalisation has also allowed relations with the Orient to intensify, and CLS provides its services as a reliable partner in intermodal logistics and inland port material handling equipment.

Considering the volume of goods that pass through ports and inland port to enter Italy and proceed towards the large terminals in Northern Europe, CLS aims to provide top-level support to intralogistic processes within high-density terminals with advanced port cargo handling equipment.

As for ports, the main focus is ship-to-shore, a category including all the operations that take place along the dockside. These are performed using cranes, which are usually mounted on rails, and tractors for RoRo applications that load and unload containers from ships. Loading units can be embarked and disembarked from ferries using Mafi Tractors and port container handling equipment without the need to use cranes.

In the majority of cases, in order to allow goods to reach their correct destination, transport by ship is combined with another method of transport.

Loading units can proceed via the road system or be transferred onto railway wagons. CLS vehicles can work in both fields with their innovative solutions that provide maximum efficiency and total safety.

When the loads to be handled are not just containers, CLS can offer port material handling equipment for heavy industry, by providing large, heavy-duty trucks which are equipped with the right attachments and can work in steel factories and in other challenging applications.

MAFI series R port tractors are suitable for RoRo applications to perform loading/unloading operations in total safety and reduce times thanks to the cabin providing wide visibility and a four-wheel drive suited to handle heavy loads.

The Hyster range of Big Trucks and Reach Stackers includes all configurations needed for loading/unloading containers, swap bodies and semi-trailers onto road or rail transport.

The increase in international traffic, together with the standardisation of container sizes, has led to a large increase in intermodal transportation flows. The most common intermodal combinations are road-sea and road-rail.

The handling of goods and their displacement from the unloading point to the loading point on other vehicles (or vice versa) or to a storage area is one of the most delicate phases. The most critical aspects are the dense traffic of heavy road vehicles which constantly enter and leave ports and inland port: it is essential that this phase is supported by reliable, high-performance port handling equipment.

CLS offers an extremely wide range of heavy-duty vehicles suited to shuttling goods from the dockside to the storage yard that can be customized, in line with the Customers’ requirements, with collision avoidance and safety systems.

Hyster RS46 is perfect for all container handling applications, in ports, in sea, in river and rail terminals and in production facilities.

MAFI industrial Tractors can be used in a wide range of industrial applications requiring the handling of heavy loads.





The yards where containers are deposited and stacked while waiting for embarking or ground shipping are usually divided into different sections, i.e. into similar groups of containers, according to various criteria (subsequent transport, shipping company, railway company, shipping agent, etc.)

If a yard is well-organized and has the right port handling equipment at its disposal, the container handling operations can be streamlined and all processes can be optimized.

In this phase, the terminal’s productivity will be proportionate to the effective use of its spaces. In order to get the most out of the available space, it is essential to be able to stack the containers to a number of levels. The highly-performing and reliable Large Capacity Hyster Reach Stackers allow you to reach considerable heights in total safety and give added value to your operations.

Hyster Container Handlers for full containers are fitted with a robust upright and a Hyster spreader; they can stack fully-loaded containers in the first row up to 5 different height levels, ensuring fuel savings of up to 20%.

The Hyster Empty Container Handlers are an excellent solution to reduce the “cost per handled container” so as to remain competitive in this rapidly-growing sector.


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