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Loading & Unloading

The phase that opens and closes our process. Choosing the warehouse logistics forklift truck that is best suited to the product to be handled is essential for optimising the times dedicated to these operations.

The overall costs incurred by the company and the quality of the service provided to the customer depend on the management and logistics of the warehouse: it is essential, therefore, that this activity is performed with great accuracy and that the right machines are used for the storage of incoming and outgoing goods.

The handling of goods requires special care, while always bearing in mind that it is essential to have machines that are not only technologically advanced, but that also perfectly meet the needs for storage activities. Before purchasing a warehouse forklift, therefore, it is important to carefully assess various factors such as the loading capacity, the lifting height and the required ergonomic characteristics, as well as layout and specific features of the warehouse itself.

Do you have a warehouse with loading bays? The most suitable solution for quick and secure handling is a Hyster Electric Pallet Truck.

The Hyster Electric trucks with reduced size allow you to unload products directly from the lorry.

Planning the correct management of the product storage area and the warehouse logistics is the trump card for improving the subsequent phases in your process. Getting the most out of your storage surface area and arranging products based on operating needs and timely management of stock awaiting delivery will allow you to expand your business.

Choosing the storage systems that are best suited to the layout of your warehouse, the characteristics of your goods and the time they need to remain in store is essential for optimising times and effectively organising spaces for your activity. This allows you to cut costs and increase productivity.

Therefore, the choice of the storage machines and the warehouse forklift that are most appropriate to the layout and shape of your warehouse is strategically important in terms of competitiveness of your company and for the safety of your operators.

Linking the shuttle phase to the storage phase on multiple levels can be guaranteed, without the need to use different machines, with the Hyster Reach truck, allowing to reach considerable heights even with the maximum load capacity.

Our innovative Agilox Intelligent Guided Vehicle allows for automation of the shuttling activity with an intelligent, safe and precise system, without the need for new infrastructure for its installation.


Warehouse forklift for shuttle & storage service


Picking & Preparation

By managing the storage phase correctly, you can reduce the time required for goods handling activities. Simplifying the preparation of orders and dispatches will allow your products to reach their final destination in shorter times.

Improving picking allows you to increase the speed with which your orders are dispatched and to meet the needs of your customers more effectively. To be effective with this operation, you need to select machines and warehouse forklifts that are best suited to the needs of the storage system adopted within the company.

Performing the various warehouse activities with speed requires the use of machines that are precise, highly performing and compliant with the standards in the applicable regulations. The trucks in our catalogue are designed to simplify the operator’s work as much as possible, and come with a wide range of configurations, in addition to being extremely reliable and safe.

This allows you to optimize the use of spaces and the logistics in your warehouse and, at the same time, prepare orders much faster, especially when this activity is carried out in limited time slots. This is why it is essential to be able to handle goods quickly and without committing errors.

You can gain access to premises with high density storage and narrow spaces with the forklift trucks for narrow aisles, ensuring efficient pallet retrieval even at greater heights.

With the help of a robot, repetitive picking, labelling and palletisation operations will be more accurate.

A properly-cleaned warehouse is essential to guarantee safety and preserve the health of our workers.

Industrial cleaning machines need to be carefully selected based on the characteristics of the spaces requiring sanitisation and on the activities to be performed there. Speeding up the activities while achieving high standards of cleanliness and safe working is the first order of business for the machines in the CLS catalogue.

The sweeping machines can be used both indoors and outdoors, for example in foregrounds, car parks, courtyards and in any type of open spaces, as well as inside the warehouse. There are various options available, from highly compact to more structured models, according to the specific needs.
Cleaning the warehouse effectively is important not only for the company image, but especially to guarantee maximum safety in the workplace. Our industrial cleaning machines are designed to obtain high-level cleaning results and to do so in the shortest possible time, while always putting workers’ safety first.

Vacuum cleaning and washing large areas with stubborn dirt is no problem at all with motorized sanitisation machines with driver on board.


Cleaning the Warehouse


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