CLS iMation revolutionizes logistics processes

Thanks to solutions from Magazino, a German company in the development of intelligent robots, CLS iMation is expanding its portfolio of services that aim to innovate logistics processes.


CLS iMation launches GEMINI, the new immersive virtual-reality suite for intralogistics

GEMINI is an innovative solution developed by CLS iMation to design real added-value solutions and offer customers an immersive and engaging experience as early on as the planning phase


CLS announces the acquisition of Alax Automation

CLS iMation stringe una partnership strategica con la società belga specializzata in Automazione in territorio chiave per tutta l’area europea, ancor più vicino ai clienti.


CLS announces its acquisition of

The acquisition is part of a strategic company plan aimed at expanding the ecosystem of flexible, modular and scalable solutions for automating and digitalising intralogistics flows CLS continues the strategic development of its CLS iMation business unit dedicated to automation, through the acquisition of, a company specialised in the optimisation and digitalisation of operating processes for manufacturing companies, in an effort to optimise processes and reduce costs.


An agreement stipulated between CLS and Yaskawa

CLS, with its new CLS iMation business unit dedicated to process automation and digitalisation, and Yaskawa Italia, leader in the drive technology, industrial automation and robotics sectors, are pleased to announce their commercial partnership.


CLS iMation introduces Europe to the innovative new Agilox OCF

CLS iMation, the CLS business unit dedicated to Intelligent Solutions for Logistics Automation, continues its path of innovation thanks to cutting-edge solutions for the automation and digitalisation of maintenance processes, by bringing the new and innovative Agilox OCF to its reference markets in Italy, Belgium, France, Luxembourg, Netherland, Portugal and Spain. Following “ONE”, it’s now time for the new Agilox “OCF” (the acronym for Omnidirectional Counterbalanced Forklift)...


iDAC Check-App: the new function for improving productivity and optimising processes

iDAC, the Advanced Digital Integration function developed by CLS for logistical efficiency, is revived by a new function: the iDAC Check-App, an electronic checklist that can be fully personalised for precisely monitoring any industrial process.


The innovative surge of CLS iMation expands in Europe for an automation plan that looks to the future

CLS iMation, the CLS business unit dedicated to Intelligence Solutions for Logistics Automation, expands its automation horizons in the reference markets of Belgium, France, Holland, Portugal, Spain and Luxembourg...


News CLS Hyster

CLS S.p.A., an Italian company specialising in the rental, sale and assistance of reach stackers and logistics vehicles and equipment, introduces together with its partner Hyster new cutting-edge solutions for improving handling operations and, ultimately, productivity.

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