18 November 2020

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A new partnership in the logistics industry

CLS, with its new CLS iMation business unit dedicated to process automation and digitalisation, and Yaskawa Italia, leader in the drive technology, industrial automation and robotics sectors, are pleased to announce their commercial partnership.


CLS and Yaskawa believe that implementing solid and reliable technological solutions is the pathway to guaranteeing extremely high standards of productivity, efficiency and quality. In this context, CLS iMation has decided to adopt Motoman robots manufactured by Yaskawa among its product portfolio to offer intralogistics handling solutions.


“For CLS this new partnership represents a further growth opportunity. We firmly believe that the technical and application expertise of Yaskawa, coupled with our experience in consulting on intralogistics and industrial applications, will put us in a position to make an important leap in the applied robotics field,” commented the Managing Director of CLS, Paolo Vivani. “CLS iMation is expanding its offer of products and services to grant its Customers innovative technologies capable of creating increasingly safe, smart and efficient work environments. To achieve this ambitious goal we constantly search for partners that, besides producing cutting-edge systems of extremely high quality, share our very same aspirations. We are pleased to announce the start of a collaboration with Yaskawa Italia, a world leader in the industrial automation and robotics fields, which blends in perfectly with our growth strategy”.


Motoman robots designed by Yaskawa offer a considerable application flexibility, besides highly user-friendly programming systems, for palletisation solutions. Their load capacity relieves operators of the most burdensome work, thus protecting their health. The Motoman HC family, in particular, is a precious aid for all those situations – increasingly common in the logistics and packaging sectors – in which the combined presence of men and robots is no longer an awkward scene. Robots of the Motoman HC family are hybrids and, as such, offer the same stability and high handling speed of an industrial robot coupled with the safe limitation of contact forces between the operator and the robot, generating tangible human-robot collaboration (HRC) according to the ISO TS15066 technical specifications.


“We are proud of this new collaboration, which is an integral part of our partnership policy to aid the market,” affirms Paolo Poletti, the Managing Director of Yaskawa Italia. “We believe that important technical and commercial partnerships, both locally and at a global level, are essential for optimally responding to the needs of both the industry and individual operators. Our products’ technological qualities are emphasised when combined with specialist know-how of the kind possessed by CLS iMation experts, who optimally use our systems to create robot-controlled logistics solutions that are extremely effective and high-performing, thus enhancing the productivity and ergonomics of work”.

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