Baling machine and baler waste management

Baler waste management and baling equipment


Optimizes processes by improving efficiency and reducing operating costs.


Safety is an absolute must.


Streamlining operations with the right vehicles increases productivity.


Guide to energy savings. Find the solution that is best suited to your needs.


Application study

Waste management should be organized in order to avoid dangers to human health, without using procedures or methods that may damage the environment and with the help of advanced baling machines.

Physical, thermal, chemical and biological processes (including sorting operations), while affecting the characteristics of waste and aiming to reduce its volume and hazardous nature, also make it easier to transport and facilitate its recovery or disposal in safe conditions. This process should be carried out in compliance with European directives controlling the entire waste cycle from production to disposal, with a special focus on recovery and recycling.

According to the needs of the Customer, of the material to be pressed, of the environment in which the baling machine will be installed, and especially according to the daily volume of waste, the CLS Team of experts will assist you in choosing the baling press that is most suited to your needs.

Studying the application and then optimizing it means choosing a waste bail press machine which allows you to increase production and, thanks to the professionalism of the HSM brand, the returns you get on selling high specific weight bales.

Compact presses for large-scale retailers

Perfect compacting solution to reduce bulky cardboard boxes, large quantities of plastic film or other materials. The large openings allow the machine to be easily loaded.


The HSM continuous Horizontal Presses produce PET bales with a very high density, allowing lorries to be used at their full capacity and optimizing transport efficiency.

At the end of the pressing process, you can optimise the baler waste management, dispatching and storage operations by using Automatic bale wrappers.

Film wrapping solutions allow you to wrap bales directly as they leave the compacting chamber of any baling press machine, thus keeping the work environment free from any waste from pressing.

Protecting pressed bales allows you to appropriately comply with regulations on safeguarding the environment and reduce to a minimum any loss or dispersion of waste.

The modular configuration of baling machines ensures maximum flexibility even if they need to be used in areas with limited space.

The wrapping machines proposed by CLS provide a number of options that are able to meet Customer requirements and improve their productivity.

The completely automatic wrapping machine efficiently wraps baled materials, increasing production rhythms and improving safety at work.


Film wrapping


Baler waste management, handling & storage

In order to effectively manage handling operations for pressed products, it is essential to guide our Customers in the correct configuration of the forklift truck and attachments and the right waste baler, so as to reduce operating times and enhance productivity.

Pressed bales can be picked up directly from the outlet channel of the press and taken to the storage area where they will be loaded onto lorries which take them to the paper factory for recycling.

The solutions available combine efficiency and ergonomics, allowing work to be done in safety and with maximum efficiency.

Hyster forklift trucks fitted with bale clamps, with an extremely subtle and light design, provide excellent visibility with a large load capacity.

You can integrate HSM baling presses with the Agilox system: via an interface developed specifically by CLS, the two machines can communicate with each other and work on the same process.


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