Safety and anti-collision systems

Whether we are talking about a production facility or a logistics hub, accident prevention plays a fundamental role in ensuring safety in the workplace.

To support its customers, CLS can provide and install anti collision systems for vehicles that can contribute towards preventing collisions between vehicles and between vehicles and pedestrians.

Forklift anti collision systems reduce the risk of accidents by informing drivers of the presence of pedestrians or other vehicles that are working in the vicinity.


RFID and UWB: vehicle anti collision systems by CLS

CLS provides forklift anti collision systems with radio-frequency technology (RFID) or Ultra Wide Band (UWB) and offers the necessary advice, allowing customers to choose the most suitable technology for every application.

Both systems consist of antennae mounted on the vehicle which create one or more detection areas covering 360° around the vehicle itself, so that any pedestrians wearing special individual TAGs can be detected if they are within the pre-set range.

The vehicle anti collision system display module on board the vehicle alerts the operator by emitting a visual and acoustic signal when one or more pedestrians are nearby, while the TAG promptly informs the pedestrians if the vehicle enters their area of control.

The pedestrian and vehicle detection area can be customized and configured according to the customers’ needs to define what the vehicle should do in the event of an emergency.

For improved safety even in more exacting applications and in conditions of poor visibility, CLS also provides a stereoscopic smart camera.

By analysing images in just 300 ms, it can detect and localize all obstacles while also distinguishing people from objects.

The forklift anti collision system is equipped with a monitor in the cabin which alerts the operator of the presence of objects or persons by emitting a visual and acoustic signal. It is possible to set two different control areas: one for detecting objects and one for detecting persons, and define what the machine should do in the event of an emergency.


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