Forklift service and repair

In a market that expects high performance, low costs and constant flexibility, CLS has chosen to provide a forklift repair and maintenance service based on prompt timing, versatility, reliability and convenience.


CLS forklift maintenance service

With solutions designed to make work both safe and easy, CLS provides an ongoing, tailor-made repair service for forklift trucks with its 180 mobile workshops: excellently-equipped vans capable of solving any problem on site and in the shortest possible time so as to reduce machine downtime to a minimum and maximize productivity.


The CLS forklift maintenance and repair service is available throughout Italy and relies on skilled staff and advanced diagnostics and repair systems, providing customized advice for specific applications, scheduled maintenance contracts and an efficient spare parts service.

CLS assistance is on the move with you…

Complete forklifts repair service wherever you are


Cutting-edge equipment and technologies, together with the expertise and experience of our technical staff are at your disposal wherever you are for any type of forklift repair service.

SM Contracts

With our Scheduled forklift Maintenance Contracts, we can ensure maximum reliability, safety and preserve and extend the useful life of your forklift trucks. Our technical staff will carry out regular scheduled check-ups based on your vehicles’ actual conditions of use, so as to keep all major mechanical, electronic and hydraulic components of the forklift truck under control and prevent any unexpected breakdowns. The maintenance record will document all service and repair work in full compliance with current health and safety laws.

Full Service

We have developed an effective management system within today’s world of logistics to provide a truly comprehensive forklift truck service program without any extra charges and responsibilities for controls over forklift trucks on your behalf. For a periodic fixed fee, we will be in charge of planning all scheduled maintenance activities, carrying out all necessary repairs and fulfilling all legal requirements and formalities.

Spare parts in 24h

Efficient spare parts management and reduced machine downtime are the main benefits of our Spare Parts Service, allowing us to satisfy 95% of requests in less than 24 hours. A stock management focused on your needs and a night delivery service ensure that spare parts will be at the branch the following morning with goods dispatched every day of the week throughout Italy, islands included.


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