Forklift weighing systems

The weight of a load often plays an essential role in handling and logistics operations.

CLS supplies forklift weighing systems for industry and for all counterbalanced trucks and warehouse machines. With the help of these devices, you can reduce the time needed for weighing loads and also increase accuracy: process times decrease, while also improving efficiency and productivity.

Forklift weighing systems can be classified based on the type of measuring sensor: load cells, hydraulic pressure transducers and direct strain measurement.


Forklift weighing systems and counterbalanced trucks for tax purposes

Some of these systems, if required, can be approved for weighing for tax purposes. Weighing for tax purposes, also known as “legal for trade”, is required when the weight determines the price of a commercial transaction or when it is a requirement for safety purposes.

In particular, as regards maritime transport, the International Maritime Organisation (IMO) issued Resolution MSC. 380 (94) of 21/11/2014, making an amendment to the SOLAS (Safety Of Life At Sea) convention and making weighing operations mandatory for containers before they are being loaded onto the ship. This amendment was also implemented in Italy as from 1 July 2017, and makes the sender responsible for the mandatory weighing of containers before embarkation.

CLS forklift weighing systems can be installed directly on board Reach Stackers or trucks that handle containers using twist-locks; in this way, while containers are being handled and before they are loaded on the ship, their Verified Gross Mass (VGM) can be measured, corresponding to the net weight of the goods plus the tare of the container.

Weighing must be performed by using “fiscally” approved systems that should be appropriately and validly marked as such.

The innovative weighing systems offered by CLS can also use data transmission to management systems (TOS, ERP…) using Wi-Fi or Bluetooth technologies: if the weight is measured in “real time” during handling, interruptions to loading cycles can be avoided.


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