09 April 2020

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New elevating cabin and remote control: the new features of the CLS Hyster range for improved visibility, efficiency and comfort for the operator


Milan, 11th March 2020 – CLS S.p.A., an Italian company specialising in the rental, sale and assistance of reach stackers and logistics vehicles and equipment, introduces together with its partner Hyster new cutting-edge solutions for improving handling operations and, ultimately, productivity.

The awareness to the necessities of operators and the need to ensure comfort and safety even during the most difficult handling tasks have always been priorities in the design of new Hyster solutions.

In order to better support logistics processes within constantly evolving contexts such as terminals, ports and logistics centres, the company has developed a new elevating cabin for reach stacker RS46 that simplifies management of containers on railway wagons positioned on the second platform, thus optimising work times and increasing the productivity of operations.


Peerless visibility, handling speed and efficiency

The new elevating cabin designed by Hyster, alongside all the normal options available, improves operator comfort by increasing visibility also in the most challenging contexts without the aid of video cameras or detectors, which normally lead to longer work times and higher costs for handling the single containers.

“The cabin can be easily raised and lowered on a hinged arm, thus improving the operator’s visibility beyond the container and, hence, productivity. If both doors are locked, the cabin can be easily raised while driving and the speed will automatically be reduced to 10 km/h,” explains Mark Nailer, Industry Manager of Hyster Europe.

The potential applications include the possibility of using an inclination of up to 10 degrees to further improve visibility when handling tall stacks of containers.

“The handling of goods on railroads is often costly when having to load and unload on the second platform. The possibility for the operator of having improved and broader visibility offers numerous advantages:

  • Direct view of the load for improved productivity and efficiency.
  • Reduction of operating costs: it is no longer necessary to move the train on the first platform to access the train on the second platform.
  • The pantograph-type solution considerably improves rear visibility, thanks to the absence of mechanical parts (upright and plate) blocking the view.
  • System tested on the field for heavy-duty applications.

Among the main strengths of this solution is the average container lifting and handling speed, which is the most highly performing on the market: usage of the machine being equal, the operator’s productivity increases by 12%,” explains Davide Palermo, Manager of the CLS Big Truck Business Unit.

Moreover, the absence of the upright ensures that the cabin is almost entirely free of vibrations even when travelling over long distances, while the presence of an ergonomic and comfortable seat improves the operator’s productivity also during long work shifts.

“The overall height of the ReachStacker, when the cabin is lowered, is equal to that of the standard model. This simplifies road haulage operations and allows for speeding up the machine’s commissioning,” comments Nailer.


Facilitated handling on the second platform with remote control

Among the new features developed by Hyster for improving the management of containers positioned on the second railway platform is the remote-controlled operation of the arm and spreader: with this type of solution, the vehicle can be immobilised enabling the operator to place the container in the desired position even without being physically on board.

“The driver can move to a safe position offering good visibility on the second platform and then use the remote control to move the arm and the spreader. All the operating data for handling the container rapidly, easily and safely is available in real time”, ended Nailer.



CLS S.p.A. (, which is part of the Italian group Tesa, is a service company specialising in the sale, rental and assistance of reach stackers, machines and equipment for all sectors of the Italian logistics industry. CLS is the exclusive dealer in Italy of the Hyster range of reach stackers, HSM packaging presses, MAFI industrial tractors and Agilox automated vehicles. With a workforce of over 300 people, the head office in Carugate (in the province of Milan), 12 branches, 9 operating centres, 180 mobile workshops and over 5,500 rental vehicles, CLS is a solution company that caters to the needs of small- and medium-sized companies for goods handling and logistics decisions.

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