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Optimizes processes by improving efficiency and reducing operating costs.


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Streamlining operations with the right vehicles increases productivity.


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Type of warehousing


This sector can include all the activities aimed at the production of goods through a mechanism for the transformation of raw materials into a finished product to be placed on the market or further processed (semi-finished product)

The new opportunities that technology is offering us allow to optimise manufacturing processes, thus reducing costs and increasing productivity.

An analysis of production requirements allows to define process operations and their sequence. The warehouse layout needs to be designed so as to facilitate the retrieval of materials needed for production and the correct warehousing of finished products. 
The layout will depend on the dimensions of the goods, the type of service and the production volume. Once these requirements have been defined, CLS consultants will guide Customers towards the best solution for each process operation.

The Automated Warehouse optimises the use of storage space and ensures maximum safety. High speed in handling pallets from the storage area to the picking area.


Ideal for stacking and recovering goods at various heights, the Hyster stacker transports materials over long or short distances. Up to a height of 6 m with a maximum load capacity of 1,600 kg. The stacker can be used in aisles with a width of just 2.5 m.

The production process may alternate manufacturing and monitoring activities, with various types of processing cycles within one specific industry.

The new developments in terms of automation and the evolution in control and programming technological systems are making warehouses increasingly smart; this progress has allowed companies to find suitable options to increase versatility along the production lines, meeting the multiple needs of this sector.

The solutions proposed by CLS are suited to continuous processes and high-density environments. These machines, featuring easy programming and control, allow operators to be relieved of boring and repetitive tasks so as to devote their time to jobs with a higher added value. 

Kivnon automatic tractors are easily integrated with pre-existing plants, machinery and monitoring systems. Towing power of up to 6000 kg.

Agilox is an automatic production line feeding solution fitted with an integrated control system on the vehicle, allowing the machine to make autonomous decisions and independently define the best route to complete its mission.


Servicing production



The finished product which comes off the production lines is ready to be packed and dispatched. For continuous processes, palletising activities can be carried out by a completely automatic machine that can match up to large production volumes.

An automatic pick and place system offers a range of functions, including pack orientation, layer preparation and, lastly, palletisation.

Thanks to their vast experience in the handling sector, the CLS team of experts can highlight all the advantages that provide the Customer with excellent management of production complexities aiming to enhance efficiency on the production site.

Completely automatic palletising solution, ideal for operating on multiple lines. Compact layout which allows for fast handling of products

The pick and place operations can be simplified by Cobots (Collaborative Robots) fitted with an intuitive graphical user interface.


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