Rental service

Simple, safe and reliable Rental service

With a long-standing expertise gained in almost 70 years of history, CLS offers Customers its experience and advice through a flexible forklift truck rental service providing timely, efficient and customised solutions. 


Hiring a CLS product means relying on latest-generation trucks offering cutting-edge technology, excellent performance and maximum productivity; it also allows to reduce costs and optimise the use of resources thanks to the advice and services from a qualified partner that is keen on providing the best solution at all times.


Rent The right vehicle at the right time.

Why choose CLS forklift truck Rental

Customised services

Customized solutions to meet your every need: with a considerable fleet of over 5,000 forklift trucks that can be extended to all models in the CLS range

Quick times and transport service

We make your job even easier with our prompt transport service which, on request, also organizes vehicle delivery and collection.

Essential safety

We perform strict safety checks on all our fleet vehicles.

Transparency and control over costs

Transparent, customized contracts that clearly illustrate every aspect of the relationship, thereby protecting the Customer with a fixed Rental Fee including maintenance, which allows costs to be determined in advance without any unpleasant surprises.

Insurance cover and tax advantages

Insurance cover that can be easily extended as required, and tax savings through deduction of rental fees.


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