10 April 2020

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The innovative surge of CLS iMation expands in Europe

for an automation plan that looks to the future


The CLS business unit dedicated to Intelligence Solutions for Logistics Automation

goes international

By extending the innovative imprint characterising CLS, the company launches in Europe its unit specialised in innovative solutions dedicated to the automation of Industry 4.0 and beyond


Milan, 20.05.2020 – CLS iMation, the CLS business unit dedicated to Intelligence Solutions for Logistics Automation, expands its automation horizons in the reference markets of Belgium, France, Holland, Portugal, Spain and Luxembourg.

CLS, an Italian company with nearly 70 years of experience in the rental, sale and assistance of reach stackers and goods handling means and equipment, after successfully setting up in 2019 a business unit dedicated to the automation and digitalisation of maintenance processes, expands in Europe by investing in intelligent solutions for automation applied to the logistics sector.

CLS iMation is characterised by a highly innovative imprint focusing on services for Intelligence Solutions for Logistics Automation. The business unit comprises a team of specialised engineers possessing logistics and digital skills of a high standard. The team is headed by Mr Michele Calabrese, who heads the iMation Business Unit and is responsible for its development in Italy and abroad.

The logistics and automation scenarios are becoming increasingly complex, interconnected and advanced. Much like the current market contexts, needs evolve continuously and demand new technical and creative skills alongside honed problem-solving abilities. This is why it was decided to create CLS iMation, the business unit involved in developing cutting-edge solutions for optimising processes in multiple industrial sectors, both traditional and emerging.

“The pace of innovation closely follows the needs of companies that seek to increase their productivity through automation and digitalisation, in order to tackle the current challenges and prepare for those lying ahead. High-level skills, cutting-edge solutions and an innovative consulting approach are the real value-added aspects offered by CLS iMation. We believe it is a strategic value for boosting the competitiveness of businesses,” declared Michele Calabrese. “By pursuing its expansion plan abroad and availing itself of consolidated partnerships with extremely innovative companies in various European countries, CLS iMation aspires to become a reference point for cutting-edge automation and logistics in Belgium, France, Holland, Portugal-and-Spain and Luxembourg”.

In illustrating the company’s path to innovation and its internationalisation plans, Mr Paolo Vivani, the CEO of CLS, commented: “Automating today and courageously embracing technological evolution as a form of investment that generates growth and value means creating new opportunities and also resolving the current problems that companies are facing. This is why we continue to develop new prospects for our customers by implementing cutting-edge automated devices and extending this approach also to foreign markets through the services promoted by CLS iMation”.


CLS iMation is the CLS business unit dedicated to Intelligence Solutions for Logistics Automation. Set up in 2019 with a pool of specialised engineers, CLS iMation is the unit dedicated to innovative solutions for the automation and digitalisation of maintenance processes. Through ongoing investments in the development and design of new cutting-edge solutions and services, CLS iMation responds to the specific needs of Industry 4.0 for tackling the challenges facing both traditional and emerging logistics scenarios, with a dynamic and forward-looking vision. Part of CLS S.p.A., a company of the Italian group Tesa which boasts 60 years of experience with solutions in any logistics sector, the company is based in Carugate (near Milan) and has over 300 employees, 11 branches, 9 operating centres, 180 mobile offices and over 5500 rental means, availing itself of the consolidated partnership with a series of innovative partners in Europe.

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