30 October 2020

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CLS iMation introduces Europe to the innovative new Agilox OCF

As the exclusive dealer, CLS iMation introduces the European reference markets to the innovative new Agilox OCF for the automation of the future

CLS iMation, the CLS business unit dedicated to Intelligent Solutions for Logistics Automation, continues its path of innovation thanks to cutting-edge solutions for the automation and digitalisation of maintenance processes, by bringing the new and innovative Agilox OCF to its reference markets in Italy, Belgium, France, Luxembourg, Netherland, Portugal and Spain.

Following “ONE”, it’s now time for the new Agilox “OCF” (the acronym for Omnidirectional Counterbalanced Forklift): by introducing this new autonomous omnidirectional counterbalanced forklift, Agilox expands its range of intelligent guided vehicles that work by exploiting swarm intelligence techniques. As a result, Agilox was able to break into a new application context, namely the traditional incoming/outgoing intralogistics activity in storage warehouses.

Extremely compact, Agilox IGVs organise their paths according to the decentralised principles of collective swarm intelligence, which makes them far more flexible compared to traditional AGVs. Furthermore, with this system the vehicle procedures are even simpler to programme – an innovation that makes all centralised software systems obsolete, including maintenance updates, while guaranteeing lower operating costs.

CLS iMation is the exclusive dealer for Agilox in Italy, Belgium, France, Luxembourg, Netherland, Portugal and Spain, and is currently extending its range of IGVs to include OCFs.

“Ever since the inauguration of our business unit dedicated to Intelligent Solutions for Logistics Automation, at CLS we have appreciated the potential of Agilox ONE, the range of high-efficiency ultra-light forklifts which has redesigned the concept of AGV. The fleets operate without a centralised control system, which means that the vehicles move within the production plant or warehouse in a truly autonomous way” comments Michele Calabrese, who heads the CLS iMation business unit.

Whereas ONE is equipped with a scissor lift and works like a load handling device (thus it carries the load within the vehicle’s perimeter), the Agilox OCF is designed according to the principles of the counterbalanced forklift

More specifically, it can pick pallets, box trusses and other load supports weighing maximum 1,500 kg (3,300 pounds), carry them to their destination and place them at heights of up to 1,600 mm (63 inches). 

Similarly to ONE, the new Agilox OCF adopts the omnidirectional drive concept. It can therefore also move sideways through narrow corridors, turn on the spot and manoeuvre in tight spaces. The lithium-ion battery technology (LiFePO4) guarantees quick charging and extended operation: a mere three-minute charge ensures up to one hour of operation.

“The intelligent and inexpensive IGV concept of Agilox opens up new application opportunities. Whereas ONE vehicles are mainly used for procuring production materials, the OCF can be used for intralogistics activities for incoming and outgoing goods, and for picking and storing ordered parts and production material, provided that the transport is bound to the pallet,” added Calabrese. “At this particular time and in order to continue extending the innovative imprint characterising CLS iMation, we are proud to introduce a cutting-edge solution such as Agilox OCF in automation projects for our customers, thus extending our portfolio of innovative Industry 4.0 solutions for every application sector”.

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CLS iMation is the CLS business unit dedicated to Intelligent Solutions for Logistics Automation. Set up in 2019 with a pool of specialised engineers, CLS iMation is the unit dedicated to innovative solutions for the automation and digitalisation of maintenance processes. Through ongoing investments in the development and design of new cutting-edge solutions and services, CLS iMation responds to the specific needs of Industry 4.0 for tackling the challenges facing both traditional and emerging logistics scenarios, with a dynamic and forward-looking vision. Part of CLS S.p.A., a company of the Italian group Tesya (formerly Tesa), which boasts nearly 70 years of experience in providing solutions for any logistics sector, the company is based in Carugate (near Milan) and has over 300 employees, 10 branches, 9 operating centres, 180 mobile offices and over 5500 rental means, availing itself of the consolidated partnership with a series of innovative partners in Europe.

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