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Driven by innovation and designed for efficiency, it’s simply the best Hyster® Reach Truck ever made.

The strong and completely welded base frame is available with a choice of two basic fork widths and four different lengths to match demanding application requirements.

Seven models, from 1.4 to 2.5 tonnes, with a selection of four chassis lengths and more options, that are tailored to meet the demands of every indoor application. The three-piece design increases options and reduces replacement costs.

The precision-designed mast with unique channel comes with two options, Standard and heavy Duty available in 5 mast lift heights from 4,650mm to 12,750mm.

Excellent ‘through the mast’ visibility, stability and residual capacity is maintained to greater heights - enhanced h1:h3 ratio, lifting to a higher maximum level with a lower closed height.

The Ergonomically-designed operator compartment is packed with driver-led features that streamline operations.

Next generation controllers and motors: unique premium touch screen display, joystick and adjustable steering column all add to operator comfort.

Increased travel speed means faster cycle times with speeds up to 14km/h, 0.8 metres per second lift speed up to 12.5m and a choice of 180°/360° steering for seamless direction changes in narrow aisles.

VCM (Vehicle Control Manager) provides fully integrated control for traction, steering and hydraulic pump motor (controllers), brakes, hydraulics, control elements, displays and all other on-board electronics.

The latest generation motor ensures electric system reliability, ease of access, enhanced diagnostic functionality and facilitates first time fixes, giving you increased productivity and reduced downtime.

Excellent all-round and ‘past-the-mast’ visibility for enhanced accuracy, productivity and performance in operation.

A Comprehensive mast selection allows the truck to be configured to the needs of the application. Based on computer aided FEA (Finite Element Analysis), the mast comes in two options, Standard and Heavy Duty.

Both share the following unique features, unique channel design (patent pending), excellent visibility through reduced total channel width and residual capacity maintained to higher heights.

Masts are available in an extensive range of heights from 4,650mm to 12,750mm to meet all operational requirements.

Full AC infrastructure on drive, traction and hydraulic motors allows seamless changes in direction of travel, increasing cycle speeds and the control of pallet handling operations.

Energy-efficient ECO-eLo and HiP performance modes reduce energy consumption by up to 20% without affecting productivity.

Automatic braking when changing direction.  The auto regenerative, self-adjusting brake system is wear free and eliminates brake pads, hydraulic oil change and piping.

Adjustable speed reduction on cornering provides stability for the operator.

Specifiche tecniche

Model Capacity Battery Chassis Weight
Model R2.0HD Capacity " Battery d Chassis e Weight l
Model R1.6N Capacity " Battery d Chassis e Weight l
Model R1.6HD Capacity " Battery d Chassis e Weight l
Model R2.0 Capacity " Battery d Chassis e Weight l
Model R1.6 Capacity " Battery d Chassis e Weight l
Model R2.5 Capacity " Battery d Chassis e Weight l
Model R1.4 Capacity " Battery d Chassis e Weight l
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