07 June 2020

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iDAC Check-App: the new function

for improving productivity and optimising processes


The CLS Advanced Digital Integration function relies on personalisation as its strength

for optimising logistics processes


iDAC, the Advanced Digital Integration function developed by CLS for logistical efficiency, is revived by a new function: the iDAC Check-App, an electronic checklist that can be fully personalised for precisely monitoring any industrial process.


Developed with the aim of controlling and intervening on the operating flows of logistics machinery, iDAC is an advanced universal integration system that can be managed remotely and is entirely modular for adapting to any type of need in modern warehouses. iDAC integrates technology and productivity so that resources can be constantly monitored on the field and any inefficiencies arising during daily operations can be rapidly identified and resolved. 


This system stems from nearly 70 years of experience on the field, which have helped us to identify critical aspects, strengths and potential improvements of logistics processes. The resulting solutions were integrated into an advanced system that provides cutting-edge solutions for managing the production environment through a control panel capable of guiding the decision-making process rapidly and efficiently at all times.


iDAC was developed by CLS with the aim of creating a user-friendly tool that can be personalised and installed on any type of machine for instantly intervening with a flexible approach on the basis of the specific needs of the relevant production context. 


Its strength lies in its ability to collect data on the field to intervene in real time on safety, maintenance and localisation through the Web portal, which can be used to access control panels, obtain reports and configure alert signals and functions for receiving and sending data and instructions for rationalising the processes involved.


In order to offer an even more complete tool for monitoring daily operations, CLS has developed the new iDAC Check-App, a tool that verifies the operating status and the efficiency of machinery and other company assets. The iDAC Check-App can be used to set a potentially infinite number of personalised checklists for monitoring any type of process and easily identifying operational aspects that need to be addressed. From the operator’s perspective, the checklist can be compiled quickly and intuitively via the app which can be installed on any mobile device. 


iDAC Check-App is a highly useful tool for improving the safety of company processes: the consultation of past checklists compiled is crucial for carefully analysing the work environment and any processes that are risky and others that can be improved, as well as having an online document of the measures adopted for preventing injuries and accidents.


The iDAC checklist can be used, for example, to monitor the condition of the machines by setting a periodic inspection for potential damages at the start and end of the shift, and also to check whether the environmental conditions of the work areas comply with the regulations concerning the use of PPE. There are practically countless monitoring options with room for intervening at any level.


The use of the iDAC Check-App, combined with the other available iDAC functions, thus guarantees:

  • improved safety of the work instruments and environment
  • greater control and efficiency of company assets
  • enhanced sense of responsibility for operators
  • flexibility and personalisation of monitored processes
  • ease of use and configuration


“iDAC can be defined as a continuously evolving laboratory capable of fulfilling Industry 4.0 needs in an authentically transversal way. The aim of CLS is to offer our customers value-added services for improving industrial processes, making procedures leaner and optimising its business. The CLS iMation team made up of highly specialised engineers and digital natives works constantly to develop new solutions capable of responding to the enhanced predictability required for improving company processes in order to foster the digital transformation which modern companies are called upon to implement,” explains Paolo Vivani, the Managing Director of CLS.


CLS iMation is the CLS business unit dedicated to Intelligent Solutions for Logistics Automation. Set up in 2019 with a pool of specialised engineers, CLS iMation is the unit dedicated to innovative solutions for the automation and digitalisation of maintenance processes. Through ongoing investments in the development and design of new cutting-edge solutions and services, CLS iMation responds to the specific needs of Industry 4.0 for tackling the challenges facing both traditional and emerging logistics scenarios, with a dynamic and forward-looking vision. Part of CLS S.p.A., a company of the Italian group Tesya (formerly Tesa), which boasts nearly 70 years of experience in providing solutions for any logistics sector, the company is based in Carugate (near Milan) and has over 300 employees, 10 branches, 9 operating centres, 180 mobile offices and over 5500 rental means, availing itself of the consolidated partnership with a series of innovative partners in Europe.

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